Gendhing for a Spirit Rising

David Lopato and Global Coolant

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This Life
Jalan Jiwa
Beboppin' With Bella
Suite 911 Part II (Aftermath)
Suite 911 Part III (Peace March)

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David Lopato

Marty Ehrlich
Mark Feldman
Lucas Pino
Bill Ware
William Moersch I.M. Harjito
Erik Friedlander
Ratzo Harris
Tom Rainey
Michael Sarin
Anne Stebinger
Marc Perlman
John Hadfield

piano, keyboards, Embertone Friedlander virtual violin, marimba, vibraphone, glockenspiel, gongs, Sundanese hand drums, hand claps
alto and soprano sax
clarinet, soprano sax
vibraphone, marimba
Javanese rebab
string bass
trap set
trap set
Javanese hand drums
Javanese hand drums

Gendhing for a Spirit Rising is a landmark 2-CD recording, 25 years in the making, that incorporates Indonesian gamelan and other Eastern musics with Western improvisation in a way that has not been done before. It features a line-up of brilliant musicians, including the world's foremost master of Javanese rebab and two of America's foremost performers of Indonesian gamelan

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