"an inventive and resourceful pianist...his compositions never faltering for a second”

The New York Times

“Lopato’s technique is enviable, and his playing communicates a real sense of joy. Highly recommended.”

Keyboard Magazine

“Mr. Lopato’s jazz playing displayed an omnivorous eclecticism built on an understanding of a very broad range of jazz and classical styles...his playing and his varied compositions displayed considerable grace and charm.”

The New York Times

“Lopato ’s stylistic range and technique are prodigious”

Downbeat Magazine

“Remember the name - Lopato. He is a talented musician with vision, roots, and a promise of something further that will undoubtedly be fresh and exciting.”

Coda Magazine

“The narrow loft space became an exaltation of the keyboard; the two pianos [one live, the other pre-recorded] came in and out of phase, heightening one’s awareness of both the similarities and the differences in their respective sounds. The effect, while slightly schizoid, was very beautiful.”

The New York Times

“His extraordinarily imaginative and tonally sensitive solo forays indicate a talent of uncommon depth.”

The New Haven Register