"an inventive and resourceful pianist...his compositions never faltering for a second”

The New York Times

“Lopato’s technique is enviable, and his playing communicates a real sense of joy. Highly recommended.”

Keyboard Magazine

“Mr. Lopato’s jazz playing displayed an omnivorous eclecticism built on an understanding of a very broad range of jazz and classical styles...his playing and his varied compositions displayed considerable grace and charm.”

The New York Times

“Lopato ’s stylistic range and technique are prodigious”

Downbeat Magazine

“Many Moons is an amazingly varied retrospective of sorts of David Lopato’s compositions of the past three decades. The album is so eclectic that it also provides an overview of many of the facets of solo jazz piano. From stride to blues, bebop, bluegrass, avant-garde improvisation, prepared piano, and ballads, the common thread that connects the music is a love of textural and harmonic richness and a very personal approach to the creation of improvised music. ...An extraordinary album.”


"Lopato's compositions and performances display an inner logic, whether conjuring Willie "The Lion" Smith or James P. Johnson on the fascinativng "The Big Bad Wolf Ain't So Bad After All," or swimming in the murky and perilous waters of artists like John Cage and Conlon Nancarrow ("Piano Roll"). ...Lopato's music exudes an inextinguishable spirit of optimism and hope"

All About Jazz

“His extraordinarily imaginative and tonally sensitive solo forays indicate a talent of uncommon depth.”

The New Haven Register