Summer '17 Music Workshops at InHouse

Basic Jazz and Blues improvisation Workshop

This basic workshop is for students with limited experience in jazz and blues improvisation and a desire to explore it further in a nurturing group context. The focus is on “straight ahead” ensemble playing using blues and jazz “standards” as the vehicles for improvisation. Students also learn how to compose and notate simple compositions, and then have them performed and recorded in the workshop. The workshop consists of four 2-hour sessions on consecutive Thursday evenings from June 1 – June 22.


Requirements: basic proficiency on your instrument, basic music reading ability and some experience with jazz improvisation.

Composer/Performers' Workshop - Life Beyond 'Song Form'

Song form, the cyclical structure found in most show tunes, is still the predominant form used in jazz composition and performance. However it is clearly not the only one. This workshop explores alternatives to song form for both composer and performer. From Ornette Coleman to Steve Coleman and beyond, we examine the evolution of open form compositions, "free jazz", pieces that incorporate both extensive notation and improvisation, and some that involve no written notes at all. Extended techniques of playing which create new sonic possibilities are also explored and used as compositional tools. Using such examples as springboards, students compose pieces using different experimental forms, and the group rehearses, plays and records those pieces in the workshop.

The workshop consists of four 2-hour sessions on consecutive Wednesday evenings from May 31 to June 21.


Requirements: intermediate level skills on your instrument and basic music reading ability and some experience with improvisation (not necessarily jazz improvisation).

Workshops are held at InHouse (474 Greenwich St., Tribeca, NYC). The studio contains a 7 ft. Steinway grand piano, string bass, full drum set and amplifiers. Students playing those instruments do not need to bring their own (although bassists are free to do that if they so chose). A place will be reserved for each workshop upon receipt of a nonrefundable deposit of $100. The workshops are offered independently of one another. A discount of $50 on the composite of fees is offered to students who take both workshops.

The workshops are led by David Lopato. An award-winning composer and multi-instrumentalist, he has performed his own compositions throughout the world. A graduate of Yale University and a Fulbright scholar, he currently teaches on the faculty of The Jazz and Contemporary Music Department at The New School, where he has taught for the last 25 years, and privately in Manhattan. See bio for more information.

Checks should be made payable to David Lopato and mailed to InHouse, 474 Greenwich St., NY, NY, 10013. For further information, please call: 646-824-9381 or email David Lopato